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Currently with our modern urban life, our environments, internally and externally have become loaded with thick toxic chemicals. Our bodies biology does not recognise these synthetic chemical toxins, which results in a state of physiological stress. 

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Additionally, our minds have become infused with toxic thinking burdening our body and soul. This toxic thinking keeps us locked in protection and survival mode emotionally, physiologically and spiritually making it impossible to transcend into higher levels of awareness. 

This can leave us feeling exhausted, sick and spirit-less.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There is much you can do to clear and consciously curate your environments, internally and externally that will unlock new levels of health, vitality and spiritual connection. 

Jessica is an expert at analysing your everyday environments to identify how you can lower your exposure to toxins to improve your health, the health of your family and contribute to the renewed health of our planet. 

Check out the different ways you can work with Jess below!


Ditch & Switch Audit Hour

Stop using your body as a toxic dumping ground. 

As a result of modern urban life, we are now carrying around a chemical “body burden”. Our bodies have become toxic dumping grounds. From the air we breathe, food we eat, water we drink, and everyday products used to clean ourselves and our homes. 

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It doesn’t have to be that way. There are alternatives. 

Jessica is an expert at analysing your everyday environments to identify how you can lower your exposure to toxins to improve your health and the health of your family. 

The Ditch & Switch Audit Hour empowers you with the tools & knowledge to find the best consumer products for your health journey and the health of this planet. 


Your Home: Looking at the everyday products you use in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry & bedroom and their potential health impacts. 

Your Workplace: Looking at your everyday work environment for toxin exposure.


A fully personalized eco-living shopping guide with alternatives for your everyday consumer products that are fully non-toxic, ethical and sustainable. 

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ALL IN ONE GO – Personal Shopping

Your time and energy is valuable. I understand and know how busy you are. And energy management is the key to your next level performance. 

After the Ditch & Switch Audit Hour, I create a personal list of healthy living products that I recommend, based on your life, preferences and local shopping precincts. It is very extensive. Quickly and easily, I can do the shopping for you. Making it swift and stress-free. 

Yes, in one go, I can do all the shopping for you and have it delivered to your home. This will save you time, and give you peace of mind. 

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Additionally, if you would like assistance in exploring your local healthy living retailers and services, I can help. 

Over a half day we will explore together. I will assist you in finding the best spots, search for your favourite products in the places you visit often, and start to build your relationship with your local healthy living community. 

This will again save you time and energy and give you peace of mind. 



Learn how to... 

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  • Significantly increase your performance by lowering your toxic load

  • Discover easy and fast ways to drastically improve the health of your beauty & bathroom cabinet for you, your family and the planet

  • Turn your beauty routine into a luscious, nurturing ritual for wellness

  • Top 10 Toxic Nasties to Avoid

  • The Top 10 Tips for Lowering Your Toxic Load

  • We will show you what’s in standard beauty & personal care products, and what they can potentially do to your health, work performance and wellbeing.

  • We teach you how to decode labels, spot greenwashing, and check for certifications to find truly green and non-toxic brands for you.

This hands-on workshop helps you learn how to reduce your toxic load. You will be engaged in feeling, smelling, and playing with products as you learn how to choose better. 

Perfect for: 

  • Business women lunch events

  • Christmas and End of Year events

  • Corporate Wellbeing programs

  • Business Mum’s events

  • Health Events

  • Community wellness workshops 

See pdf download for more information.


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It can feel overwhelming and isolating when you are the only one in your household that is going on this journey. Children, partners and other family members that live with you can benefit from learning about this NEW EVOLUTION of healthy living, and how they can benefit too. 

I can come and present to the members of your home, including children, grandparents and extended family, to awaken and open their eyes to what is possible. I have an immense background in teaching and training, including children, having started my first business, a tutoring company, at 17 years old which. I also have bucket loads of passion for healthy living in our urban worlds and the wonderful benefits that it brings to our own health and the health of this planet. 

This session is fun, informative, interactive and awakening for all involved. 



It feels freeing when your home is a haven. When it feels stress free, decluttered, organised, fresh and clear of all toxins. This has an immediate and profound impact on your health and your state of mind. 

But, it can feel overwhelming to do the BIG clean and clear out of your home on your own. And as an entrepreneur with a business to run, I understand that finding time for this task can keep getting lost. 

With my personalised Clean & Clear Out Service, I help families to GET IT DONE! I work alongside you to provide hands-on decluttering help, overhauling your home room by room. I will also empower you to develop the skills to master your space and keep it clean and clear into your next chapter. And we will have a heap of fun! 

This overhaul is life-changing, on all levels. 


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The toxic world of fast-fashion is all around us. Fabrics are being made using slave labour, are sprayed with toxic preservatives and the manufacture and waste of this industry is destroying our planet. Additionally, the “fashion & beauty” ideal that is manufactured and sold to us is toxic. 

Escape the mold, and discover eco and ethical fashion. Natural fibers, ethical practices, recycled and upcycled, slow fashion ideals and minimal waste. Again, align and exchange energy with those that share your view of the world. 

You can access my Eco-Shopping Guide to Sydney, which reveals all the eco fashion retailers on and offline that I use and recommend. Ask me how! 

And, I also provide a Personalised Eco Shopping Service. I can overhaul your wardrobe, and update it with the best in eco and ethical fashion, for a fraction of the price you pay for high-end luxury brands. Save time, money and have peace of mind. Plus, have a heap of fun! 


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Switching out your skin care, make-up and personal care can seem scary and overwhelming. I am sure you have your favourites that you have been using for years. However, most mainstream beauty is filled with synthetics, toxic and hormone disrupting ingredients. It is used directly on your skin, and is part of a daily routine, so this is an amazing opportunity to ditch and switch to brands and products that truly care for your health and the health of our planet. 

Green beauty and personal care is a big passion of mine that I have extensive experience in. 

We all have very different skin, needs and colouring when it comes to skin care and make up. I can spend a half day with you to explore your specific skin type, needs and colouring to then provide a personalised shopping guide with brands and products for all of your needs. This will save you a heap of time and money. I will also help you to learn more about ingredients and certification checks that you can be doing when you are shopping on your own. 


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