BAE Perfumes - Bhakti

BAE Perfumes - Bhakti


Introducing Bhakti - an uplifting natural vegan perfume made with pure essential oils of the highest quality. Bhakti means love and devotion in Sanskrit which translates to BAEs love and devotion to all animal friends. Bhakti natural perfume is a bright, enchanting natural perfume that provides an immediate boost of energy.

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Ingredients: Sweet orange, cedarwood atlas, ylang ylang, lime, neroli The Natural Collection features 100% pure and natural perfume made from the highest quality essential oils. There are no synthetic materials or fillers in this aromatherapy perfume line, just fresh and natural ingredients to delight the senses.

Size: 5ml

Scent Notes: Bhakti aromatherapy perfume is packed full of natural citrus and floral essences including sweet orange, Cedarwood Atlas, Ylang Ylang, Lime and Neroli, an intoxicating mix of essential oils, that when combined, smell absolutely gorgeous.

About Company: BAE, an acronym for Beautiful. Animals. Everywhere, is an Australian vegan perfume brand created by Sydney-born Nat Carey. The product line consists of over 30 (and growing) vegan perfumes across three unique collections. BAE Vegan Perfume is certified with Choose Cruelty Free, The Orangutan Alliance, and PETAs Beauty without Bunnies Vegan & Cruelty Free program.

  • Mission: To provide an extensive range of department-store quality vegan and cruelty free fragrances at an affordable price. To gain a reputation as an ethical perfume brand renowned for providing outstanding customer service, value for money, and genuine passion for animal welfare.

  • Vision: To be recognised as the number one TRUSTED online source of ethical vegan & cruelty free perfumes with the largest range of luscious scents available. To educate and reach not just the socially conscious but those who may not even be aware of the treatment of animals in respect to the beauty and cosmetic industry, and therefore become more conscious in their product choices.

  • All products are manufactured, bottled and packaged in Australia.

Additional Info:

  • 100% cruelty free, vegan fragrance (vegan perfume not tested on animals)

  • 100% natural, aromatherapy perfume featuring superior quality essential oils

  • Palm Oil Free base oil (non-alcohol perfume)