IME Natural Perfume - Collections Pack

IME Natural Perfume - Collections Pack


Pack includes 9 x 2.5ml samples of the full Muse range: kalliope [driven], erato [naughty], euterpe [cool], thaleia [flirty], terpsichore [expressive], melpomene [beautiful], ourania [intuitive], polyhymnia [enlightened], and kleio [elegant].

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Ingredients: Pure botanical essential oils, absolutes & balsams sourced from around the world. Pure alcohol (grain or cane) from locally produced Australian sources. (Gluten & GMO free). FREE of artificial and animal fragrances, colours, phthalates, parabens or synthetic ingredients. A whole lot of inspiration! 

Size: 2.5ml each

Scent Notes: IME natural perfumes are the perfect marriage of the finest botanical ingredients – flowers, grasses, herbs, spices, bark, buds and more.
They are a carefully constructed set of layers known as notes.

About Company: IME Natural Perfume is proud to be:

Additional Info: Slight variations in colour and aroma may occur due to seasonal variations of the natural ingredients. Given that there are completely no synthetic ingredients in these perfumes, including no use of a synthetic solubiliser, there may occasionally be traces of natural sediment from the oils visible in the bottles. This has no effect on the individual fragrances.