EstellesHaven - SAMPLE SET

EstellesHaven - SAMPLE SET


This beautiful box is presenting our four natural fragrances.

It is a Great gift for yourself or others as a discovery box. Each vials contains 1.5ml of perfume. with crystals.

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Ingredients: Almond oil, essential oils, crystals

Size: 4 x 1.5ml size of perfume with crystal - Haven, Eden, Solar, Dharma

About Company: Estelle’s wish is to wrap you into a wholesome fragrance that will transport you and reconnect you to your true self. Each one of her scents is designed with a particular intention and infused with crystals matching this intention.

Additional Info: Each fragrance is created with only natural ingredients - no synthetics and no isolates - to offer products that will respect your sensibility and respect the environment. A perfume created from pure essential oils, distilled artfully will not only smell divine but will also move you - emotionally and spiritually. It is alive and tells a story. It is subtle and intimate and reveals itself while leaning into a hug or a kiss...