Meet Ferlyn, Perfume Artist and Director of Amacyn Natural Perfume.


At the heart of Amacyn’s Perfumes lies a conviction, the power of essential oils. The combination of this precious concentrate with powerful key ingredients capable of meeting the skin's precise needs is derived from seven years of researched. Their cosmetic Aromatherapy expertise has enabled Amacyn to select 128 essential oils which are used in their formulations.

Amacyn's journey into making natural perfume was born in November 2015.

What inspired you start your brand? 

Humanity deserves a plant based perfume free of synthetic chemicals. It connects us back to the circle of life. When we are connected we are empowered to ascend and through my perfumes it will bring this memory to humanity.


What is your signature scent, the that people say is “yours”?

I love all my creations. Every perfume that I have created and designed says something about me. If there is one that I can point to, it would be my perfume number eight, but I have not released this in the market yet. I have designed 480 perfumes since I was 13 years old. 


Share with us a memory you have that is linked to smell, and when you smell it you’re taken back to that memory. 

The scent of freshly plucked rose takes me back to when I was 13 years old walking in a garden of rose located within our 70 hectares of land near the river. The wind carries this scent and above me is clear blue skies. It brings me back to Gaia. Amacyn's I Am Gentle perfume carries this profile.


How do you love to use perfume? 

I love perfumes to the moon and back. I use it to remind me that I am human and I am connected to all life on earth and the universe.


Any secrets you can share that helps them to last longer?

Having healthy skin makes a perfume last longer. There is no short cut. To have healthy skin is having a good diet and well hydrated body. This is why Amacyn always shares tips on healthy food.


What are you learning about/reading/listening to at the moment that is inspiring you?

I am reading about water resonance and following Dr Masaru Emoto's research and documentary.


Apart from Natural Perfume, what other things are you passionate about?

Human and animal rights, environmental sustainability, innovation, botany, energy, physics, archeology, astronomy, and the global financial market. 


Finish this line - "To smell is…

to know your essence. Where you come from and why you are here.

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