Founder's Note: I have to tell you about my Uber ride today!


So I got into my Uber to head to a meeting in the city. As soon as I opened the door, a powerful waft of overpowering car diffuser fragrance hit me. Argghhhh. Noooooo. It was the synthetic fragrance in those little plastic bottles.

I got in. Said a quick “hi”. And then, promptly put my window down to try and get some air.

He had TWO diffusers in his car.

He noticed I had put my window down and said “You ok with your window down ma’am”. And I said, “YES”!

For the next 10 - 15 seconds I had a war going on in my mind.

Do I say something?

Do I stay quiet?

I don't want to hurt his feelings.

But this is hurting his health……!!

But then, I couldn't help myself. I had to say something about the horrible TOXIC fragrance in his car that he was exposing himself to every day.

I said, “Would you mind taking those diffusers out please? It is a very strong smell.”

He said, “They are empty, I can’t even smell them anymore!”

I said, “Um, yes I can smell it, and it is very strong. And……(pause) you know what is in those?”

And with that simple question…...and the lovely Uber man’s interested response…..I told him EVERYTHING

Turns out, he has had to recently quit his stressful job, go on blood pressure pills and has become very sensitive to his health. So when I said, “that is synthetic fragrance and it is not good for your health.”, he says “Maybe that is why I have been feeling weak.”

By the time I was in the city I had searched and found the most gorgeous natural car diffuser by Feather & Seed, a brand I LOVE. I texted him the details.

Then I said, “Does your wife wear perfume?”

He says, “Yes.”

And so I say, “Well…..” and I proceeded to tell him all about the amazing natural fragrances that you can purchase and how easy it is to switch to natural perfume.

So I texted him that information too!!!

He was very grateful and loved learning about this whole new world.

Transforming the world, one person at a time. That is my mission. And I live it. Even when in an Uber.  You can do it too!

This is why I’m so passionate about sharing everything I’ve learned about synthetic fragrance and why I’ve created the WORLD’S FIRST online marketplace for natural perfumes.

And, I can’t wait to share more life-changing stories with you along the way.

In love of all things REAL,

Jessica Kiely, Founder