Hanako Therapies - I AM...Faith

Hanako Therapies - I AM...Faith


I AM...Faith Mysterious, rich, woody and floral with a touch of spice. Get ready to reconnect with the Goddess within.An essence that supports in times of emotional stress assisting you to let go of fear, cleanse negative energies, uplift your moods and build confidence in your self worth.

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Ingredients: Bergamot, patchouli, rose, sweet orange, black pepper, yiang yiang, palmarosa, ginger, gem and flower essences.

Size: 50ml

Scent Notes:

  • Bergamot - Cheerful, uplifting and heart warming. Good for times of emotional stress,  helping one to release and let go of negative feelings and encourage feelings of optimism.

  • Patchouli - Good for combating negative emotions, stress and fatigue and has a very grounding and calming effect on the spirit.

  • Rose - Helps in healing emotional wounds and bringing warmth to the soul.

  • Sweet Orange -  Also known as “the smiley oil” it is cheerful, uplifting and joyful, encouraging positive emotions.

  • Black Pepper - Warming and energising for a tired body and mind. Traditionally used for its fortifying and strengthening properties, increasing endurance.

  • Ylang ylang - Calming and uplifting it promotes relaxation and balances the emotions. Good for controlling negative feelings of fear, frustrations and anger assisting one to centre and open up.

  • Palmarosa - Comforting, calming and uplifting. Assists in alleviating symptoms of stress and anxiety, encourages adaptability and creates a sense of security.

  • Ginger- Comforting, uplifting and stimulating, good for warming the emotions and increasing stamina.

  • Gem and flower essences, crystal infused water, mantra and love.

About Company: Hanako Therapies was born after Rachel and Jeff Holm tragically suffered the loss of their precious daughter Sierra two days before she was due to be born. This defining moment on October 23, 2009 lead the husband and wife duo to explore alternative healing with the love of nature. The result is a brand that embraces the power of Mother Earth’s abundant raw essences to support, balance and uplift the mind, body and spirit.

Additional Info: All of our pure unadultered essential oils are ethically sourced from around the world where each of the botanical plants, wildcrafted and organic where possible, have to meet strict standard criteria. Our Indigenous Organic Certified Native Australian Sandalwood is proudly sourced from Mount Romance. Since 2005 Mount Romance has pioneered a system of benefit sharing. Native Sandalwood is sourced from outback Western Australia by Aboriginal harvesters who are paid an additional royalty on the oil sold from their wood. In our Meridian Blends and Goodnight baby we blend our pure unadultered essential oils in 100% cold pressed Organic jojoba oil. All of our other blends are combined in a naturally derived dispersant made from almond and coconut oils that are then blended in crystal infused spring water.

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