EstellesHaven - SOLAR

EstellesHaven - SOLAR


Sensual, warm and generous, SOLAR is an invitation to soften in to a deep state of openness. To find the place of stillness where giving and receiving are one and the same. Inspired by the orange tree, SOLAR brings the ripening of life force into the palpable and sustaining.

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Ingredients: Almond oil, roll on, essential oils, patchouli, carnelian, Orange, neroli, crystals, petit grain, linen bag, Citrine

Size: 10ml Rollerball

Scent Notes: The Orange tree is the only tree offering fragrances from its fruits, its blossoms and its leaves, making it a symbol of abundance. Orange, Neroli and petit grain are therefore the foundation of this blend offering uplifting, relaxing, joyful and prosperous feelings. The notes of Patchouli allows for openness and sensuality, while Cinnamon warms the heart, creating feelings of confidence and safety. Citrine, Orange calcite and Carnelian crystals bring their vibrations of prosperity, positivity and happiness to the blend.

About Company: Estelle’s wish is to wrap you into a wholesome fragrance that will transport you and reconnect you to your true self. Each one of her scents is designed with a particular intention and infused with crystals matching this intention.

Additional Info: Each fragrance is created with only natural ingredients - no synthetics and no isolates - to offer products that will respect your sensibility and respect the environment. A perfume created from pure essential oils, distilled artfully will not only smell divine but will also move you - emotionally and spiritually. It is alive and tells a story. It is subtle and intimate and reveals itself while leaning into a hug or a kiss...

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