About Founder - Jessica Kiely


Natural Perfume Collective is the work of Educator and Social Entrepreneur Jessica Kiely who is passionate about the green beauty movement and has made it her mission to enable more people to discover the transformative power of nature, to embrace whole beauty and to experience more joy and enrichment in their lives.

Jessica has been immersed in the green beauty and low-tox world for the last 5 years. She has travelled the world interviewing experts and founders, and sharing this knowledge in many ways.

Within the green-beauty business, Wanderess Beauty, Jessica was responsible for checking all ingredients, ethics and performance of all brands and products featured in their green beauty boxes. This ensured they were the best quality and truly non-toxic and ethical. She was also the chief educator, sharing her depth of knowledge and passion through workshops, and video content.

She has created The Natural Perfume Collective with a desire to facilitate a genuine love for the body and the soul through bringing awareness to the harmful effects of synthetic fragrance. She wants to make finding your natural alternative to fragrance easy, enjoyable and as personal as your favourite signature scent.